Day 1 – Saturday: Tiny House Project Planning and Construction Basics for Tiny Houses

  •  Introduction to the Tiny House Movement and Communities
    • What are tiny houses, how they are different from RVs and other mobile living
    • Tiny House resources – books, other classes, blogs, etc.
  • Locating a Site – Building and Living Concerns
    • Construction site logistics: storage, security, bulk purchasing, delivery, weather
    • Moving and siting tiny houses
  • Plans, Planning and customizing designs
  • Tiny House Project Scheduling (you will get both a binder with resources and a project planning template for use online to plan your tiny house project).
    • Trailers – purchasing, customization, loads ratings, registration, delivery.
    • Building the Shell – Doors, windows, and framing
    • Exterior finishes and weather protection
    • Utility Rough-in
    • Insulation options and concerns
    • Interior Finishes and Kitchen and Bathroom Layout
    • Tiny House Appliances and Systems
    • Exterior Considerations – Decks, Rainwater and gray water

Day 2 – Sunday : Hands-on tiny spaces design class and tour 4 tiny houses

  • Reading and understanding basic architectural plans
  • Tiny House Design workshop using Google Sketch-up
    • you will receive a base design from which to start designing your own project.
    • We have intentionally limited this workshop’s participants so that there will be adequate time for you to consult with the architect and builder on your own project.
    • *If you won’t be bringing a  laptop with you and prefer to work on your design on paper, please let us know in advance.
  • Tour 4 different tiny houses at Boneyard Studios and talk with their builders and designers.
    • Learn about various construction and design options: framing: SIPs panels versus standard stick framing, flat roofs versus gabled roofs, off- grid versus on-grid systems, wider versus standard-width tiny houses, units with lofts versus no lofts, different insulation options, various water and septic options.

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